Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrating Women's Health And Fitness Day

Are you ready to celebrate health and fitness? Then get ready to kick off the annual fitness day on the last Wednesday in September. Each year 100,000 women celebrate the annual fitness day. It is hosted in 1,400 different locations worldwide. This year it will be held on Wednesday, September 29th, 2011. The date marks the 10th celebration that has been held for the fitness event. Many different people get involved for the event, and enjoy actively working out to celebrate the annual fitness day. 


This will be the 10th year that the event is held. In the year 2010, the event was held on September 24th. The event was created to help individuals celebrate fitness and learn more about it. It is also designed to help educate people about public health risks and help promote health campaigns and other events. It’s great for those who are interested in learning about fitness and those who would like to celebrate it.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many great ways that you can lead a healthy lifestyle today. Exercise, fitness, and other activities all play an important role in a healthy lifestyle. Actively choosing healthy dietary foods is a great way for people to stay healthy. To actively live a healthy lifestyle, know that moderation is the key. Take the time to practice proper moderation in meals and exercise well. Following these two simple tricks can help reduce or even reverse many common health problems. If you're looking for more advice on living a healthy, active lifestyle, be sure to ask your doctor. They can provide you with the best sort of information.

Celebrating The Event

There are many great ways you can celebrate the event. You can take the day off work, and partake in the many different festivities in your town. You can become one of the sponsors for the event to help the event carry on its tradition. When you're looking for information about the event, make sure to search for specific information that is going on in your town. If your town isn't one of the 1,400 locations scattered across the United States that is involved with the women's fitness day, why not start a fitness group in your area? You can make a difference and get fit all at the same time.

Learn more about celebrating this great fitness event today, and bookmark your calendar for this years' event.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Calcium Guidelines

I wanted to share with you all this great article by my friend Greg, he runs Gregorygrovespt.com!

Here’s a good guide line for calcium, if you’re looking to avoid dairy. Remember that this is just a suggestion. You should always consult with a nutritional expert first!
Calcium tablets are good for supplementing your foods, but only if you’re taking them with the foods they’re meant to supplement. Here's some good ways to make sure that you’re choosing the right brand for you: put one tablet in a cup of warm water for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. See how long it takes to dissolve. If it doesn’t dissolve well, or not at all, then it's probably not a good brand. Your best bets are usually chewable or liquid form; they automatically dissolve. Buy a brand that doesn’t exceed 500 mg's; making sure it doesn’t come from oyster shell or bone meal. Make sure the brand you chose is also a purified brand. Also make sure they don’t cause gas or constipation. If they do, they’re not right for you! Remember: you get what you pay for!
When taking calcium supplements, remember you need to take vitamin D as well (the sun vitamin!). This is especially important for women, because women are at a higher risk of bone density diseases (Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, etc) then men are. With vitamin D, take between 1000 IU's to 1200 IU's per day (closer to 1200 during fall/winter months, as your vitamin D levels tend to be lower). That's usually more than enough. Consult a nutritional specialist to see what’s best for you.
Here's some that are great sources of calcium.
Chose 2 to 4 per each meal, remembering you shouldn’t consume more than 500 mg's per meal. As a rule of thumb: your body can't process or digest more than 500 mg's at a time, so till go to waste, and even make u feel sick.
-One portion of Atlantic sardines: 325 mg's. I know: sardines are nasty, but the soft bones in sardines are an excellent source of calcium. Make sure they’re unsalted/unseasoned, preferably backed in fresh water.
-One cup of fortified soy milk: 200 mg's (this is one of Olivia's favourite ways to get calcium, lol)
-One orange, or one glass of unsweetened orange juice: 48 mg's (my favourite way)
-One cup raw broccoli: 43 mg's
-One cup raw kale: 90 mg's (a little bitter tasting, but great when mixed in salads!)
-Three ounces Atlantic salmon, mackerel, or tuna (be careful with tuna though; there's always the scare of mercury!): all have MORE vitamin D than one cup of milk.
Other foods such as almonds, or almond based products, and whole grain breads and cereals are usually great sources of calcium as well.
Whey proteins and creatine can be horrible ideas for most people. Our bodies usually generate enough creatine through natural foods as it is, and too much can be damaging to your liver, stomach, and your digestive system. And whey protein is dairy based, which on its own can be a bad idea if you’re lactose intolerant. Another issue with whey proteins is usually cholesterol, fat, and sugar. If you insist on using whey based products, I recommend an isolate based brand. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, only because this blog is more about calcium, not protein.

By: Gregory Groves

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eating Healthy While Battling Cancer

Fighting any cancer proves to be a challenge that requires a person's full energy. If that individual is not eating right and not getting enough nutrients, he or she may lose their battle. In fact, eating right and getting a day's full amount of nutritional elements can improve ones life expectancy. Along with the medical treatments the patient is receiving from his or her doctors, a healthy diet sustains the patient's body and gives that person's immune system extra nutrients it needs to fight the cancerous cells.

In fact, many chemo patients feel drained of energy. This is because chemotherapy drains the body of iron. Iron works in the body to facilitate oxygenation of the body's muscles and tissues. Oxygen molecules bind themselves to iron molecules as iron travels throughout the body. A person with enough iron in his or her body has enough energy to carry out daily activities. Those without enough iron often feel tired and cannot carry out a day's routine. The medical condition for not having enough iron in the blood is known as anemia.

To combat anemia, physicians often recommend that patients eat a diet that is high in protein, particularly red meat. Red meat contains vast amounts of iron that can then be digested and used by the person's body. Most doctors recommend that people receiving treatment for cancer eat at least two meals that include red meat dishes. Popular protein dishes include steaks, hamburgers, stews, and even ethnic foods like tacos or enchiladas.

Protein and iron can also be found in foods like eggs and nuts. In fact, dieticians who help anemic patients strongly urge that they include peanut butter in their diets. Eating peanut butter can be as easy as making cookies out of the snack food, eating it on bagels or celery, or making sandwiches with peanut butter. Eggs also provide needed protein. Cancer patients can enjoy dishes like omelets, scrambled eggs, egg sandwiches, egg salad, or eggs Benedict to get their required iron intake for a single day.

As tempting as some of these dishes may seem to healthy people, cancer patients often do not have the appetite to eat regular meals. Chemotherapy makes people sick to their stomachs and leaves them without a desire to eat. As such, they must force themselves sometimes to sit down and take a meal. Family and friends prove to be vital in this battle. Doctors ask that friends and family members remind patients to eat, even if only a little bit at a time. Eating a healthy diet helps patients recover.