Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here Goes Nothing

Well, I finally did it! After many days of hemming and hawing I finally started my very own blog. I am very excited to share interesting articles that I hope will keep you coming back for more. I do not enjoy reading boring things; therefore, I would never let you read something that is. On that note, I am done talking about this. Moving on!

I hope Jackie's Arc becomes an invigorating platform of open conversation. I want to discuss a variety of topics and I encourage your feedback. This blog should be just as thrilling for me as it is for you. I love to read and write. I love to hike and run. I want you to enjoy my writings as if you are experiencing them personally.

This is such an a wonderful opportunity for me and I look forward to our future together, you, me, and Jackie's Arc. Here goes nothing!

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