Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Stay Fit and Trim During the Holiday Season

The holiday season has started and the waistband on your favorite pair of slacks isn’t infinitely adjustable. You don’t have to limit yourself to drinking water and munching on celery sticks while everyone else is diving into the crab dip. With a little strategic planning, your slacks will still fit on New Year’s Day.

You have to be a little sneaky with your body at this time of year. The winter solstice means there are fewer hours of daylight and you may be tempted to skimp on exercise. Exercise is your friend. It keeps your metabolism working at a quicker pace while working off stress. Keeping your holiday stress under control also keeps your appetite in line.

No time for the gym? You’ve probably heard about parking your car on the far side of the parking lot at work and walking a few more steps. Pack your lunch in an insulated bag or cooler and leave it in your car. Walking out to the car at lunchtime uses up a few extra calories and gives you a chance to unwind.

You can use this same strategy when you’re doing your holiday shopping. Opt for a visit to a retailer’s brick and mortar location rather than doing all your shopping online. Look for a parking space near the entrance at one end of the mall. Walk to the farther end and shop back toward your car. Put those purchases in your trunk and make another trip if required.

Eating something before going to a holiday party takes the edge off your hunger and boosts your blood sugar. Keep a pack of crackers or peanuts in your desk drawer to nibble during the afternoon before a party. Your blood sugar level stays nice and steady and you won’t be starving when the spinach dip and croustades call your name from the buffet table.

Central heating dehydrates your body, so drinking lots of liquids is always a good thing. A glass of water also eliminates space otherwise reserved for crackers piled with cream cheese. Alternate a glass of water garnished with a slice of lemon with your favorite alcohol-spiked drink. You’ll be consuming fewer empty calories and drinking responsibly at the same time.

Give yourself a little reward for being so good or compensate for being not so good. A cup of hot chocolate made from this easy do-it-yourself mix soothes your frazzled nerves.

Not-So-Guilty-Pleasure Hot Cocoa Mix
1 cup nonfat powdered milk
1 cup nonfat dairy creamer powder
1 cup Splenda
½ cup cocoa powder
Mix ingredients well and store in a jar. Add about four or five tablespoons to a mug of hot water and stir.



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